Colette offered Erickson Focussed Coaching Techniques at a difficult time in my life, to help me look at all factors that might impact some difficult choices I had available to me. She made a visual chart of the advantages and disadvantages of each situation asking me how I would feel if one thing or another thing was the outcome. In only a few short minutes I gained incredible clarity, where before I could only feel overwhelmed. Suddenly I knew the right direction I needed to take for myself, I had no doubt in my mind, it had become truly clear to me. If it had not been for Colette’s Coaching in this difficult personal time, I would have likely made a wrong decision and truly regretted it, instead I have never looked back. I needed the coaching to place broad perspective on the potential choices to help me decide wisely about the best decision for my long-term future.

Jeannette van der Wath, Clinical Specialist, Radiographer

I had a coaching session with Colette, and I made a key decision in my life. The feeling of relief and settlement was so obvious to me, that I know that the coaching session with Colette had helped me more than I could have imagined. As a result, I am now in a better place in my life and I would highly recommend Colette for Erickson Focussed Coaching, thanks Colette, you are an amazing Life Coach!

Bernie Dunne

Making decisions is not something that I have ever enjoyed. Colette Coached me to see things for what they are, she can see past our fears and apprehensions. I do not know how I would have passed certain major bumps in my life, had I not had Colette’s Coaching. I highly recommend her services to anyone who finds themselves at a crossroads and are not sure which direction to take. She will help you find the way by allowing you to discover all your possibilities in any direction and then you can see for yourself which direction would best suit your personal life or career.

Daniela Kinsella