Cloud with door in centre. The door is open showing a scene of a bright blue sky with a thin wispy cloud.

Opening doors for all

Inclusion Consultant

Do you want to open doors to an inclusive environment?  Is Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI), important to your community or business?   Is Accessibility and Universal Design part of agenda? Are you seeking to have an Access Audit carried out to help focus on the one or two things you could do right now, that would make a notable difference and bring about a mergence of individuality where difference is embraced as an everyday normal?

People in a mix of genders, heights, sizes, skin tones, expressions. One missing a limb another in a wheelchair.

Experience is different

Different coloured open umbrellas, windblown in a blue sky. All the same style with different colours.

Difference is normal

Whether it is Accessibility to accommodate the varied physical or cognitive abilities of individuals or perhaps to facilitate a broader scope of cultures and creeds, there are many small actions that could be considered immediately that would help to grow diversity and inclusion.

A silhouette of a head in black. Inside are circular cogs of different sizes and colours, working together.

Pulling different cogs to work together

Project Management Consultant

Does your business or community need to consider a one-off project and there is no Project Management expertise in-house? Project Management Skills are available for small to medium enterprises or communities to help guide and prepare strategies and briefs.  Expertise in Project Management Methodologies to help accurately estimate Time, Cost and Quality and keep close to the scope intended, are offered.  Help can be provided to quickly draft Project Charters in order to push forward change or improvements and quickly determine their viability. Project Management tools and techniques can be explained and assistance given to develop sound roadmaps that help control elements of a project so that success is an evitable outcome.

Procurement Consultant

Are you looking to submit a Tender, or perhaps you are wanting to buy a product for your business or community, but you do not understand Procurement Meaning nor the Procurement Definitions?

Is there no Procurement Expertise in-house and are the tender documents like a foreign language?

Or do you feel overwhelmed with how to say what it is you want to procure?   

Help is available to explain the Procurement Processes and to assist you in understanding the importance and complexity of Procurement Evaluation and Procurement Selection, whether buying or selling in a Procurement Exercise.

Two computer screens each with a hand protruding. One holds a shopping bag, the other displays a stop signal.

to buy or not to buy Then again, to sell or not to sell?

Lean Six Sigma Consultant

Do you feel that there may be room for improvement in current work processes that may greatly help relieve employee stress and tension? Help to understand Lean Six Sigma Principles and how to apply Lean Six Sigma Tools is at hand.  the application of Lean Six Sigma Techniques is quite easy when explained.   With mentoring an in-house team can do their own analysis and be helped to find ways to improve their daily work in order to help improve their wellbeing.

A maze with a man in the centre and a question mark over his head. A ball of string rolling out from his feet towards an exit.

fastest route to best outcome