Erickson Coaching

Silhouettes of two heads in orange. One head has a black padlock inside and the other has a key.
a row of 10 thick arrows in shades of blue, with heads all pointing upwards. Over the middle arrow of the line of arrows, is a light bulb shining bright, and across this image is an upward shooting arrow thicker and higher than all the others.

Finding Direction

Are you struggling with direction in life?  Erickson Life Skills Solution Focused Professional Coaching, is here and available, on-line or in person.  It is provided by a qualified Coach, trained in the Art and Science of Coaching with Global Mindworks/Erickson Coaching International (Ireland), who are an exclusive partner of Erickson International Accredited Coaching. 

In addition, the Coach is a member of the International Coaching Federation.  The Erickson Theory is founded on the work of Milton Erickson, a pioneer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a preferred coaching style of many global corporate organisations. 

Whether Individual Coaching, High Performance Professional, Executive Coaching or High Performing Team Coaching, each facilitate the vocalisation and visualisation of future aspirations, while at the same time finding the best solutions to pursue and defining a quality roadmap by which to reach goals.