Colette Myler, standing beside Djembe drums, smiling with shoulder length hair, and wearing glasses.

Colette Myler, Founder and Principal of TEALLEAT.

Colette has over 25 years of experience in the Healthcare Industry.  Working initially in Administration and Senior Management of an acute adult hospital then moving into Project Management at a children’s acute hospital and continuing in that area at a rehabilitation hospital for spinal, brain and amputee conditions, adding Procurement Management and Lean Six Sigma to the mix of knowledge and learning.

Having worked with many patients over the years and witnessed their struggles, Colette has developed a passion to promote environments, products and services that will that will promote Instinctive Inclusion. 

Colette’s background in healthcare service development, including refurbishments and renovations, as well as the buying of highly complex equipment, has informed her mindful approach to Accessibility and Universal Design.

Colette has a passion for promoting Instinctive Inclusion so that difference may one day be an everyday normal.

In more recent years Colette ventured into Erickson Solutions-Focused Coaching and found the principles of this style of coaching invaluable to the positive outcomes in every area of her work and life since.

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Colette Myler, standing outdoors, smiling with shoulder length hair, and wearing an owl necklace and purple glasses.